Modern security awareness training is expensive, time consuming, generic and often boring. Generic training costs can easily be $5-20 per worker. Producing your own program in one language can range from $20,000-$100,000 per program. Many training modules take 20 minutes to 1 hour to complete. In todayís economic environment, how can you produce customized security awareness training, cost effectively, without taking the worker off their job to achieve this?

Train in a Flash! For only $975 per program, with unlimited viewing licenses internally train ALL the people in your Enterprise efficiently withTrain in a Flash. Each of the 24 Train in a Flash programs uses engaging Adobe Flash motion and graphics, sound and narration Ė a combination that really works. Itís a low cost training solution for all areas of any enterprise since Adobe Flash is already likely installed on your enterprise browsers and itís free to download.

Train in a Flash programs are all under 4 minutes in length so workers get the message quickly without taking them away from their work. They can watch the program at anytime right on their own computer. Employees can watch it as many time as they like.

All programs are CUSTOMIZED and BRANDED for your Enterprise. This means your logo and Intranet link are inserted as graphics, the narration is changed to include your Enterprise name and local contact information is provided during the program. Train in a Flash programs are available in 11 languages.

Create your own enterprise branded and customized security awareness program! We offer packages where you are given a enterprise branded and customized program, screensaver and high res poster pdf files for only $2,100!

We offer customizable training monitoring packages such that you can monitor and manage which users viewed the programs.

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